On life support, apparently

UK electronics retailer Pixmania has compiled a list for The Daily Telegraph of what it deems are "endangered" technologies that "will be lucky to survive by the end of next year," and Nintendo's game-changing Wii Remote is sitting pretty in 6th place.

According to them, Microsoft's upcoming motion-sensing, controller-free Project Natal is poised to kill the Wiimote dead. Seems a bit extreme considering upwards of 50 million people world-wide already own what is likely more than twice that number of remotes.

Also on the list are DVD players, fax machines, analog TVs and the computer mouse; all of these things have been superseded on a pure technological level (Blu-ray/direct download, e-mail, HDTVs and multitouch inputs), so we're guessing Pixmania predicts 2010 will be the year these old stalwarts disappear into obsoleteness forever?

We suppose nobody told them about Motion Plus either.

Does anyone seriously believe DVDs will be gone by the end of next year? Or the computer mouse for that matter?

[source telegraph.co.uk]