We don't go to Dracula's castle

Dracula's castle has come down with a bad case of alien head crabs. Where are the Belmonts to stop them? Dead, presumably, so it's up to Gordon Freeman to crowbar them into crab juice in this translation of the original Castlevania's first level to the PC's Half-Life 2.

The mod retains the same look of the 8-bit rendition in its transition to 3D, complete with pixelated skies and destructible candles. Well, it's not real free-roaming 3D; the Free Man is still treading the same straight and narrow path that Belmont did, which makes the castle layout seem to make even less sense.

As far as we can tell it's not downloadable, which is a crying shame for retro fans. Maybe if you ask nicely at the mod's Machinema.com page?

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[source gonintendo.com]