Once you go black, you won't go back

We're all used to our white Remotes and Nunchuks nestling comfortably in our soft gamer's hands, pale plastic glinting in the sunlight, but those days are soon to be over - come November 16th you'll have the choice of a second colour, as Nintendo have announced black Remotes, MotionPlus attachments and Nunchuks are heading Stateside.

A black Remote and MotionPlus will set you back $49.99, and the stylish Nunchuk will cost a penny under $20. Sadly there's no news on when the black console will be available outside of Japan, but we're confident Nintendo will respond to the overwhelming weight of Internet pestering with some solid information soon.

Here's what good old Cammie Dunnaway had to say:

The Wii Remote revolutionized not only how people play games, but also who plays them. The new color lets people customize their setup, and the controllers make great stocking stuffers for players of any age.

Yeah, and they come in handy for controlling games, too! Bide your time until November 16th when the black controllers will be nestling amongst the regular accessories at your local retailer.