More monkey madness!

The folks over at Code Monkeys have just sent out another press release that reveals a few more interesting game modes in their upcoming WiiWare release Manic Monkey Mayhem.

You can check out the full press release below, along with a host of brand new screenshots of the game in action. And don't forget to check out our impressions of the game to find out what we thought of the game during a recent demo playing session.

The Code Monkeys, an independent videogame development studio, have revealed more details on their forthcoming ‘monkey opus’ Manic Monkey Mayhem, releasing on Nintendo WiiWare on October 30th.

With a variety of game modes across both single player and multiplayer, Manic Monkey Mayhem is set to be this autumn’s must have party game for Wii players of all ages. Greatest Ape sees each player begin with a stockpile of bananas and three lives with the winner being the last monkey left standing on their podium. In Minute Monkey, all players have unlimited lives but the game is played against the clock in 1, 3 or 5 minute matches. The winner is the one that scores the most points before the clock runs down. The third game mode is Ape Team where players are divided up in to two teams, with the objective being to defeat the other side by taking all three lives of every one of your opponents. The winning team is the one that removes every player of the opposing side from their podiums.


Single Player

  • 10 missions + Tutorial
  • 3 campaigns spread across 30 missions with progressive difficulty
  • Balance Board compatibility
  • ‘Greatest Ape’ vs. CPU
  • ‘Minute Monkey’ vs. CPU
  • ‘Ape Team’ vs CPU


  • 2-4 players (Local and Wi-Fi)
  • Vertical or horizontal split screen (Local)
  • ‘Greatest Ape’ vs CPU/human (Local)
  • ‘Ape Team’ vs CPU/human (Local)
  • ‘Pass the Parcel’ vs CPU/human (Local)
  • ‘Greatest Ape’ (Wi-Fi)
  • ‘Pass the Parcel’ (Wi-Fi)
  • ‘Coconut Fight’ (Wi-Fi)
  • ‘Banazooka Fight’ (Wi-Fi)

We'll have more information on Manic Monkey Mayhem as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game next week when it hits the European WiiWare service.