Probably not his favourite title

Some would argue - not necessarily us, but some - that StarFox is a franchise best left dead, having had its glory years nearly a decade ago and only reappearing in mediocre titles since Lylat Wars/StarFox 64 on N64. Shigeru Miyamoto wouldn't say that, though: he's a big fan and is upset the series has declined.

Speaking to Multiplayer, Miyamoto discussed his love of the series and his disappointment at its decreasing sales.

In Japan, the people that purchase the 'Star Fox' games has decreased over the years. But we still try to make them more fun and hopefully people will see the appeal in those games.

He didn't go into detail about quite what direction the series could take in future, but it sounds as though it's going to continue down its less traditional StarFox path and hope to pick up some new gamers along the way. The question is, would a brand new but decidedly old-school StarFox game sell any better these days, or has the series' name been devalued over the years? Let us know what you think.