Oh snap

The 2009 spooky-spooky season is just beginning, and in a timely fashion Hudson Soft has launched a teaser Web site over at kuroeight.com for their upcoming Wii creep-fest Calling.

The Web site lets you poke around a suspiciously dark and seedy room, exploring clues and newspaper clippings strewn about. It's somewhat barren, but Hudson promises updates over the coming months that will include new media, announcements, developer blogs, interviews and more.

Calling tells a modern-day tale of real people and their fight for survival against the mysterious Black Page Web site. The site is all black, save for a counter. Like all good urban legends, rumor has it that if you visit the Black Page and see "something" there, you land in mortal danger, and the counter tallies the site's victims.

So, uh, yeah, have fun checking out this...new...Web site...that's really dark. Either there's no counter or I'm seeing other things, in which case tell my family I love them very much.

[source kuroeight.com]