Just a bit longer now

All dressed up for its long-awaited arrival on the WiiWare service, Medaverse Studios' action battler Gravitronix looks like it won't be hitting its predicted October 5th release in North America.

Jesse Lowther, the game's lead designer, told Nintendo Life that a minor clerical error has caused the game's release to be delayed what they believe will be another one or two weeks. The studio expects to hear about the new date as early as Monday.

Gravitronix was one of the very first WiiWare games announced almost two years ago, so another week or so of waiting isn't much more than a drop in the bucket really. A bit of unfortunate news for those looking forward to getting their 'motes on the game, but cheer up! We caught up with Lowther recently in an exclusive interview, which you now have time to read over and over again until the game is released. Ain't life grand?