Now Little King's Story has successfully conquered all corners of the globe following its release in Japan last month, the game's creator and all-around genius Yoshiro Kimura spoke to Joystiq about his ideas for the potential follow-up we mentioned months ago, and they're as barmy as you'd expect.

Mr Kimura: I realized that one of the reasons Little King's Story didn't sell well is that users prefer to have those big huge fat guys.

Joystiq: So are you going to make a Big King's Story?

Mr Kimura: Macho King's Story.

The interview also contains some interesting titbits, like the revelation the original title contained a two-player mode where King Corobo and his Bull Knight Howser rode around the world destroying all in their wake, but this was sadly removed due to time constraints.

The rest of the interview is well worth a read, particularly this segment at the end:

Joystiq:What would you say to people who haven't bought Little King's Story yet, to convince them?

Mr Kimura: Look at the reviews on the web. They're right.

He's right, you know.