Dying countless times will be cheaper than ever!

A year or two ago, Digital Leisure, the creators of money-guzzling coin-op Dragon's Lair, announced that they would be rereleasing the game on DS with various bonuses. Things then stayed silent, and as you might expect, it was never released. Now, however, it seems that this could be because they found a different way to release the game!

The USK, Germany's videogame ratings board, recently added a rating to their site for "Dragon's Lair DSiWare," published by Digital Leisure, very likely meaning that they've decided to release it as digital download instead.

Dragon's Lair is well-known for both good and bad reasons - Using the then new laserdisc technology, the entire game looked like a high-quality cartoon and featured incredibly fluid animation. But although addictive, most people quickly realized how simplistic it really was - The "gameplay" consisted solely of pressing a certain button at the right time to move your hero, Dirk the Daring, out of harm's way. Having to insert a new coin after each death didn't help things much!

Although DSiWare's pricing seems like a much better fit for the game than a full-price retail game, we just wonder how on earth they're going to compress the game enough to make it downloadable without instantly filling up your DSi's remaining space - The picture quality will take a heavy hit, we imagine!

[source usk.de]