Warren Spector, yesterday.

When Disney revealed their forthcoming Wii exclusive Epic Mickey, one of the most surprising revelations was that it's headed up by industry legend Warren Spector, renowned for his extremely serious and profound adventure games. However, in a recent interview with Game Informer Spector revealed his enormous love for the character as well as the difficulties he and his team faced along the way.

Originally Spector pitched an idea of his own to Disney, but they came back on him with their idea of a complete reimagining of their famous rodent, telling him they were after someone to reinvigorate the character for a new generation, to which Spector replied "you've done an incredibly good job of making Mickey lame and irrelevant to anybody over the age of eight over the last thirty years. I don't do games for kids." Ouch.

Following that pretty disastrous day the two sides managed to patch up their differences and come together to work on one of the Wii's most promising upcoming exclusives. If you're interested in the mouse, Warren Spector's back-catalogue or even just want a good read, make sure you check out the full interview over at Game Informer.

[source gameinformer.com]