Wal Mart is insisting that the Wii price will drop in October

It's a funny time in retail at present. The global economy is still reeling from the worldwide recession and in the UK - where the value of the Pound has plummeted - Nintendo has been forced to push up the trade price of its Wii console, which in turn has resulted in some retailers exploring the possibility of increased retail prices, too.

Taking this into account, it's rather strange than we're now hearing that US retail giant Wal Mart is planning a "price roll back" next month. The reasoning behind this is obvious - both the 360 and PS3 have seen their RRPs slashed lately, and as a result the Wii is looking less attractive from a consumer's point of view - sales are down by almost half compared to what they were the same time last year.

While both Nintendo of America and Nintendo UK are refusing to comment on the entire situation, we're guessing that even if the US cut happens, British gamers won't be celebrating a similar Wii price drop this Christmas. The Pound is still weak and as a result it's going to be hard for UK-based companies to even consider reducing the value of the machine at this stage.

However, US gamers that haven't taken the plunge on the Wii yet are advised to keep their powder dry until at least the end of October, when the drop is expected to occur.

[source mcvuk.com, via kotaku.com]