You gotta love those Danish pastry ears.

Sega has announced at Tokyo Games Show that the next instalment in the Super Monkey Ball franchise will hit the Wii in February 2010, and also provided us with a few more details about the game itself.

We already know the monkeys will be controlled via the Balance Board, although the game will still support the Remote and Nunchuk controls. Sega also revealed that the story mode will be playable cooperatively, which is a nice addition. Also, the series' popular four-player competitive modes will return, surprising absolutely nobody but still bringing a smile to the faces of gamers everywhere.

You'll see in the trailer that monkeys have lots of fun in various minigames like Skydiving, Skipping and the old classic Monkey Race.

Hopefully the story mode will have the monkeys once again chanting Ei-Ei-Poo, or something similarly wonderful.