MO5 - a group of retro video gaming fans - has lobbied the French government to start up a retro video game museum.

More specifically, it's after a "National Institute of Digital Sciences", where visitors can view - and play - classic systems.

MO5 members between them currently own around 30,000 games and 1,500 different game systems. They have specifically targeted the Paris Science Museum, the French National Library, and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (who is the French Minister of State, so in the delightful position of developing the digital economy) to realise their dream of getting the museum started.

Be sure to check out the MO5 website as they have a lot of awesome retro stuff on it, including a picture of a SNES development kit for those interested in seeing what that kind of stuff looked like! Not sure about letting everyone play some of the older systems though, but if anyone can maintain them properly, the guys at MO5 would be a safe bet.

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