Take a bow son!

Together with Ubisoft we're celebrating this week's launch of Academy of Champions for Wii with a very special competition: you can win yourself a Nintendo Wii complete with Academy of Champions to play on it! In addition to the main prize, we'll also be giving away five copies of the game, and all winners will also get an Academy of Champions T-Shirt and Academy of Champions Mini-Football. It really is the beautiful game.

If you'd like to snag yourself this prize and you live in the UK please head over to the competition page and submit your entry today.

Academy of Champions is out in the UK this Friday, September 4th, so make sure to get down to your local game store if you're interested in some manic footie action! We'd also like to thank Ubisoft for offering up the prizes.

Please Note: Before you complain about some kind of "anti-USA" conspiracy please read our recent competitions announcement on the forums.

[source Competition: Academy of Champions!]