More crossover fun on the cards?

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is just around the corner for Western fighting fans but Capcom is already thinking about future instalments in its insanely popular "Versus" series.

Posting on the Capcom Unity blog, team member Snow has asked fans to submit their own ideas for the next crossover title.

Here are his words, repeated for your pleasure:

Capcom has a history of great "vs" games. Not least of which is of our newly re-released Marvel vs Capcom 2, and the upcoming Tatsunoko vs Capcom. But we're all about listening to your ideas here at Unity... So, what would you like to see as a Capcom vs title?

Post your idea in the comments, whether funny, serious, or both.

We'll pick our favorite and send you precisely 12% of the swag in Seth's "random Capcom swag" box.

That last sentence points to this being more of a bit of light-hearted fun rather than a serious appeal for fans to influence Capcom's future output, but hey, it could still result in some cool ideas.

Capcom vs. The Teletubbies, anyone?