Hard to break!

A recent poll in Game Informer revealed that out of 5,000 people surveyed, only 6.8 percent of Wii owners had experienced a failure in their Wii console, a stark contrast compared to the 54.2 percent of XBox 360 owners reporting faults, and even lower than the 10.6 percent of broken Playstation 3 consoles.

That could be due to this next statistic, however: in the same poll, it was revealed that 360's are played a lot more than PS3s and Wiis, although the survey revealed little about how many TVs had broken due to Wii abuse. Probably a very, very high number.

It's good to know that it's a more reliable console than the competition, but 6.8 percent is still pretty high, given that the standard failure rate for electronic equipment is generally expected at 3 percent. Has your Wii failed on you before?

[source mirror.co.uk]