Could this be the breakthough for the series?

Tony Hawk RIDE will be released for Wii on the 20th November, Activision have announced. RIDE will come with a special skateboard peripheral and cost a whopping £99.99.

According to Activision, the new wireless controller will let players feel what it's really like to skate, allowing them to pull of all the tricks professionals like Tony Hawk can do. You'll be tilting, gesturing, lifting and rotating to pull these off. The company confirmed that the new game would deliver the kind of breakthrough the franchise needs. RIDE is also set to feature local multiplayer as well as an online Mode, and the famous 'create-a-skater' mode for the series will apparently return as well.

Sounds good, minus the high price tag. The question is: will the price be too much for most people? It's tough to imagine rushing out to spend that much straight away without knowing what you're buying is high quality. But then, that's why you guys have us.