Got some extra Wii points burning a hole in your digital pocket, PAL gamers? Square Enix has proposed a solution: buy FFCC: My Life as a Dark Lord DLC!

First up is the Darklord Special Forces pack, which takes up 2 blocks and 500 space bucks. Included are six monsters: a melee Ogre, ranged Ahriman, magical Sahagin, some generic Coeurl and Chimera and healer Lamia.

For 300 points and 1 block, the Bedroom Set of three Artifacts can be added to your bag of tricks and treats. It'll give you a Void Fountain to restore monsters' health and cures status effects; a Summon Mirror to, surprise, summon random monsters; and the Drain Chest, which steals adventurers' health and gives it to your minions.

Lastly, there's the Beloved Wardrobe at 600 points and 7 blocks, which is a pack of three dresses for Mira. And hey, the garb actually helps you out in battle. Her Radiant Dress lets you cast Cure once per battle, the Dark Dress raises your starting NP by 50, and the Prim Dress lets you cast Hard Slash once per battle.

If you don't dig anything here but still want some DLC for the game, fret not: Squeenix has 5700 points worth of add-ons coming. Hooray!