DSiWare is in dire need of platformers!

If you've kept your eye on the various rating boards, you might've noticed that a game called Oscar in Toyland has been rated as DSiWare release for quite a while now. Out of the blue, it has now been announced that the game will be released in this Friday's European Wii and DSi update.

Only recently did we learn that this is actually a sequel to an old platformer for the Amiga, PC and SNES simply called Oscar - This game will star the same character and seems to be quite similar in terms of gameplay and graphics.

Although the original game was not that well-known, the general opinion seems to be that it was quite fun. This new one will cost 800 DSi Points, so hopefully it will be worth all of them!

You can visit the game's official site for some screenshots and a downloadable trailer which we'll add to the game's page here as soon as we can.

Here's a bit more background on this game direct from the lovely blokes at Virtual Playground:

The game was originally called Trolls and featured the gonky Trolls that were so popular with kids a few years ago. This was a HUGE seller on the Amiga and PC worldwide. It was then followed up with Oscar a similar game but aimed at a slightly older market, with more adult levels based around different movie themes. This game was again HUGE on the Amiga, PC and SNES. The game was used to launch the first CD based games console the Amiga CD32 and then the Amiga A1200, Commodore’s President called the game his Sonic and was bundled with every CD32 & A1200 worldwide. When we decided to put Trolls onto the DSi we decided to go with the Oscar character as he has more appeal for today’s market. The game therefore has the game design of Trolls but with the Oscar character. The graphics and gameplay have been much enhanced from the original games and feel confident that DSiWare customers are going to love this game at a bargain price of 800 points.