If the PS3 is an F1 car, why is it 3rd in the worldwide sales?

Wii owners are used to being told by their PS3 and 360-owning buddies that their console is underpowered, but such insults usually backfire thanks to the fact that Sony and Microsoft's machines don't have anything as awesome as Super Mario Galaxy. It also helps that Wii is outselling its competitors and therefore getting some juicy exclusives, such as the new Monster Hunter.

However, people love to compare. A Japanese news show recently ran a feature on the current console war and to simplify things for stupid viewers (and at the same time totally distort the actual reality of the situation) they decided to liken each machine to a car.

Unsurprisingly, given that the Japanese are traditionally quite hostile towards Western consoles, the 360 was a sports roadster and the PS3 was a significantly faster Formula One car (not sure the gulf between the machines is actually that pronounced, but what do we know?).

The poor old Wii had to suffer the humiliation of being represented by a small child in a Go-Kart.

While it's obviously true that the Wii lags behind the other two in terms of raw technical power, surely we've gotten to the point where people are aware that graphics NEVER, EVER make a good game?

[source kotaku.com]