Maybe one day...

By now we've seen some of the amazing animations talented folk can come up with when left with a copy of Flipnote Studio (and possibly some alcohol), but that's not to say that everyone with the application is so interested in becoming the next Hayao Miyazaki.

Flipnote user "Jacob" has started a one-page petition to show Nintendo how badly DS fans want to play a Super Smash Bros. game on their system, and so far the fan reaction has been predictably positive, with over 20,000 views, 3,000 comments and stacks of star ratings too.

Although we here at Nintendo Life would welcome a DS-based Nintendo-themed fighter as much as anyone, it has to be said the petition itself lacks a little of the imagination and finesse that marks out a great Flipnote. Hopefully some talented soul will take up the baton and produce a Smash Bros. DS-themed animation that gamers everywhere can really get behind.

For those of you who want to support Jacob and his petition, it's embedded underneath. Good luck and God's speed, Jacob.