Hey - remember that really big Wii game Sean Brennan, managing director of Bethesda Europe, mentioned back in May? No? Well anyway, it's recently been revealed as a racing game developed by Awesome Play.

Called Wheelspin (Speed Zone in America, and that version is published by Deten8 games) features a variety of tracks set in the future and is played similarly to Excitetruck (so Wii Wheel play would be awkward). To gain speed is a pretty standard procedure, you just drive your vehicle over "speed pads".

It's already out in America, and should be arriving in Europe "sometime in Autumn". It's not exactly the big mature game we were all expecting from Bethesda, but this title promises to "push the hardware further than any other Wii racing game to date", so hopefully Bethesda won't let us down!

[source au.wii.ign.com]