Ashes Cricket 2009

Codemasters is aware of international interest; release outside of PAL territories is 'being discussed' internally.

We've had countless emails over the past month or two from readers asking when Ashes Cricket 2009 will be released in their local territory. Whilst the majority of messages have been from readers in the United States we've also had emails from people as far away as India, Brazil and Hong Kong.

Obviously we answered with the usual "we honestly don't know" stock response but we felt we needed to dig deeper and see what Codemasters has to say on the subject.

They gave us this response:

"A non-PAL release for Ashes cricket 2009 is something that is currently being discussed internally. Obviously the two major markets for Ashes Cricket 2009 (England and Australia) are both PAL regions so that has been the focus to this point. However, we are aware that there is significant interest from certain areas for an NTSC version so it is definitely something that we will continue to evaluate. I will let you know of any developments as soon as I do." - Andy Gray, Communications Manager, Ashes Cricket 2009

So international cricket fans, it seems there is still hope for an NTSC release of the game. You'll have to pester Codemasters and Nintendo and convince them they'll be enough people willing to buy the game.

How's thatttttt?