Going out with a bang.

With their hotly awaited type-'em-up Scribblenauts less than a month away from a North American release, 5TH Cell look to have a big, turkey hat-shaped hit on their hands. In October, Drawn to Life will be getting a DS sequel too. But then what?

Speaking to GameSpot, studio cofounder and creative director Jeremiah Slaczka thinks their future shall lead them down a new path.

This is our big last hurrah for DS games. That's it for original stuff. We're now going to move on to consoles in the next year. We might still do DS; I'm not saying we're not going to. But our focus is definitely going to be on console.

5TH Cell are behind creative DS gems Drawn To Life and Lock's Quest. Drawn to Life is on it's way to Wii, so maybe one day we'll see a Scribblenauts sequel hit the living room too. Possible?

I really like Scribblenauts and think there's a lot of potential there, so we'll see what happens.


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