Have fun, Australia!

Hey Australia,

Nintendo here. How's it going? We've got some great news for you today!

We understand if you feel like you keep getting the shaft on new releases, like with our nostalgia-party Punch-Out!! that people seem so enamored with. Hey, did you see North American Club Nintendo members that reached platinum will have the chance to download a fight with Doc Louis as their reward? It's pretty neat-o.

Anyway, our managing director down under, Rose Lappin, spoke to Kotaku and revealed that we're going to be bringing Punch-Out!! your way on August 27, available exclusively at JB Hi-Fi. Why just the one retailer? Lappin told Kotaku:

To be honest we didn’t have a lot of requests for the game. There’s a few people… there’s a lot of noise but not a lot of sales, that sort of thing. However there was one retailer that was chasing it, so that’s why we’ve decided to go that way. Of course, if it continues and consumers want it then that’s what we’re here for.

Sorry about the whole no-release-date-for-Excitebots thing. Maybe if demand was higher or if the game sold better in the States then we'd have more to talk about. Have fun with Punch-Out!! though.


Nintendo Australia

[source kotaku.com.au]