Better overworld, more fun. Hopefully.

The open-world aspect of the original No More Heroes received its fair share of slamming from players, as it was a whole lot of show and a whole lot of empty. Suda51, the series' punk-rock luchador mastermind, has heard the cries and stated sequel Desperate Struggle will be better about that stuff. He didn't really say how, though.

Speaking to Nintendo Power (via Nintendo Dpad), Suda has revealed a bit more on the game's revised overworld:

The city will be more compact and feel more dense. There will be more stuff to do, and you’ll be able to access more activities and minigames from the very beginning. We want to mix it up a little bit more. For example, after you defeat a boss, you might jump into another boss fight immediately. We want to break up the tempo so it’s not always the same thing like it was in the first No More Heroes.

The tempo shake-up should keep things nice and unpredictable. More activities available from the get-go is also a good improvement, as the job unlocked between bosses wasn't always that fun and made the money-earning feel a bit too grindy.

...we’re really adjusting the amount of money that you have to earn before you can proceed to the next fight. We don’t want it to be as much of a pain as it was in the first game.

Oh, well that takes care of that then.