Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Nice graphics, but otherwise nothing special!

The UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has once again spilled the beans on tomorrow's update in advance, although there's really only one game we didn't know about yet. As was pretty much guaranteed to happen, tomorrow sees the release of the final two Hanabi Festival games. They're accompanied by another two WiiWare games and one DSiWare game.

Kirby's Dream Land 3 is the third game in the Kirby's Dream Land series, which is quite odd, because both previous games were on the Game Boy! Any hardcore Kirby fan will obviously probably like the game, but if you're not a big fan you might want to look at the other options first - We think it's one of the worst games in the Kirby series. That doesn't mean it's completely terrible - But many of the other games are a lot more enjoyable. And since it's an import it'll cost you 900 Wii Points!

Detana!! Twinbee is one of many games in Konami's Twinbee series which was never released outside Japan. It's yet another shooter, but before writing off you should know it's a pretty unique one - Like Star Parodier, it's a lot more light-hearted. For example, one of your weapons are a set of boxing gloves you can shoot out! The game's main gimmick comes in the form of bells, which you will occassionally run into. Differently coloured bells will give you different powerups, weapons, invincibility or even simple points. If you'd like another shooter which stands out from the crowd, this is the one! Read our review for more. Of course the game will cost you 700 Wii Points.

WiiWare gets two games which were both already previously announced. ColorZ has already been compared to the popular shooter Ikaruga - You control up to 3 differently coloured UFOs as you fly through various levels. These levels are filled with flying orbs in the same colour as your ships - As you might've guessed, you can only get past the orbs with the ship of the same colour. This leads to a lot of hectic colour-changing and even combining UFOs to make other colours. The game looks quite fun and for 700 Wii Points seems to be decently priced as well. We'll have a review up soon, in the meantime, why not read our Exkee interview?

Heracles: Chariot Racing is Neko Entertainment's third WiiWare port and the first not to be part of their Cocoto franchise. As the title gives away it's a racing game set in ancient Greece, where you naturally race with chariots instead of the usual cars. It's not exactly a Mario Kart beater, but for 800 Wii Points it's fairly priced and could do well at parties. Our review will give you the lowdown!

Today's only new DSiWare game is yet another "little bit of" a retail DS game. A Little Bit of... Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training Sudoku contains over 100 Sudoku puzzles from the first Brain Training game. It's also a little cheaper than the previous Brain Training package, because it only costs 500 DSi Points. But Nintendo's really a bit too late with this release, as Hudson recently released Sudoku 150! For Challengers, which contains 150 puzzles and costs 500 points as well - I think it's quite obvious which one would get you more value! Nevertheless, we'll have a review of the game up soon.

So, now that the Hanabi Festival is over, will we be going back to continuous 1-game VC weeks or not?