It has to be said that Crystal Skull wasn't a patch on the other films

The sequel to Lego Indy will apparently be an all-new experience, however, similar to the first game, it will feature action from the original adventures.

"Nothing is recycled for LEGO Indy 2," said project lead Kellam Eanes.

According to Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Traveller's Tales has gone about re-telling the original adventures while adding in material from the latest movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Each movie will feature brand new levels, too.

Eanes went then proceeded to speak about how you'll be able to build your own LEGO stages in Indy 2.

Players can build their own traps, place studs, enemies, vehicles, and literally develop their very own LEGO Indy adventure from the ground up. Players choose a theme (backdrop) and using "builder" characters can expand their world to include water, lava, mountains, and countless challenges throughout. Once in play mode, you can play your level over and over and see your traps and unlockables come to life.

It all sounds rather good. As long as LucasArts makes it a fresh new experience then surely this will be another great addition to the Lego series.