HD Wii - will it ever appear?

Do you like Epic Games? Sure you do. Do you want them to make games for the Wii? Well tough. At the moment the Wii just isn't powerful enough to handle the Epic's Unreal Engine, according to Mark Rein, VP of the company.

Rein recently spoke about the difficulties of porting the engine to Nintendo's machine:

You'd just be stretching it too thin; I just don't see it as worthwhile. But you know if Nintendo comes out with a Wii 2 or a Wii HD, and it's got a couple more processors and a little more memory and better graphics, then yes we'll be on it.

I'm not saying there's no interest in being on as many platforms as possible, but it's just that you have to be on the ones you're good at. We're a very high-end engine, and we have the best tools and awesome visuals and great physics. It's more likely the platform will rise up to meet us than we'll go down [to customise our technology for it].

The question is does Nintendo even need to try and compete with MS and Sony's higher tech as they are vastly outselling them at the moment? The Wii is technically behind and seems happy to stay there, so Nintendo has no need to rock the boat at the moment. Why would Nintendo want to jump out of their safety zone, you might ask?

Still, it would be nice for The Conduit to have some worthy FPS competition, don't you think?

[source cubed3.com]