Good boy - go bring me more Wii Sports Resort news!

Let's face it - even if Wii Sports Resort was just a half-baked version of pétanque it'd still sell amazingly well based on the Wii Sports name alone. Still, those of you who are planning to pick this one up for its MotionPlus ability might be interested to know that the game is set to feature WiiConnect24 capabilities.

Browsing the Nintendo Channel and seeking out Wii Sports Resort comes up with the game's fact sheet, and the addition of "works with WiiConnect24". There's no further information, but if the game doesn't feature the ability to download your friends' scores and medals in the background then I'll be a monkey's uncle. There's also an outside possibility of it featuring downloadable missions in a similar vein to Mario Kart Wii, although only if Nintendo are particularly over-staffed during development.

What other features might Wii Sports Resort include by the time it's launched in just a few short weeks? We'll let you know as soon as we find out.