Project Natal: Cool, but will it be enough to make Wii owners put down their Wii Remotes?

Where would we be with expert analysts telling us what to think, eh? Take Wedbush Morgan chappie Michael Pachter, for example. Following Microsoft and Sony's recently unveiling of motion control systems at this year's E3, Pachter has waded in with his own viewpoint on all this technological advancement:

This year’s E3 again focused on software, with motion control a popular theme (meant to capitalise on the success of the motion control Wii), and all console manufacturers focused on broadening the appeal of their respective consoles.

Sony and Microsoft each fired cannon shots across Nintendo’s bow, with Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s Motion Controller (based on the Eye Toy).

We view Microsoft’s proposed offering as intended to provide a user-friendly interface for Xbox Live dashboard access, and view Sony’s offering as Wii-nis envy. We do not expect either to displace Nintendo’s Wii from its leadership position.

Wii-nis envy? That has to be the quote of E3, for sure...