Shigeru Miyamoto has held a roundtable session to speak to the media regarding some of his own personal projects so we thought we'd talk about some of the highlights here.

Miyamoto-san is quite excited about New Super Mario Bros. Wii, mainly in part to its multiplayer feature that he's wanted to include in the various Super Mario titles over the years, but has been unable to do so due to console limitations. Now with the power of the Nintendo Wii console, all of his ideas have finally come to fruition.

He also speaks very briefly about the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 title and claims that over 95% of the content is brand new. He speaks of how the team had so many ideas left over after development of the original Super Mario Galaxy release that they wanted to do a sequel to try to come up with even more spherical gameplay ideas.

Next up is Miyamoto talking about Wii Sports Resort and how even when they were developing the original Wii Sports title, they were already thinking of new ideas for a sequel. Although he was happy with the original Wii Sports title, he always felt like they could do so much more with the game as far as giving the player the ability to improve their skills in the individual games.

Zelda fans will be especially happy about the next piece of information, as Miyamoto shows off a brand new piece of artwork for an as-yet-untitled Zelda Wii title. The illustrations shows a very mature Link, older than any Link we've seen before. He stresses that the game will likely be playable using Wii Motion Plus, possibly even requiring it. He also mentions how it's difficult to develop a new Zelda title given the diversity of the game's fanbase.

We've seen some fantastic upcoming releases for Nintendo's Wii and DS systems, and it looks like we'll have plenty to look forward to in the coming months and next year. And as usual, we'll be covering all of it, every step of the way.