Better get buying those pads if you want to team up with Toads.

Considering all Shigeru Miyamoto's talk over the past few years of how long he's wanted to create a multiplayer Mario game, you'd think he'd be eager to harness the Wii's WiFi Connection service for the recently announced New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Sadly, you'd be wrong, as he recently confirmed it's offline multiplayer only.

Speaking to the press after Nintendo's conference, Miyamoto said it wouldn't feature online play as it already uses up all the Wii's processing power, apparently.

There you go, direct from the man himself: no online play because the Wii is only just capable of running New Super Mario Bros. And people say it's an under-powered console. What's your take on this? Is this a genuinely good reason or a bit of a cop-out? Let us know!