The man himself. (Photo: Wired)

Microsoft is pretty smug with itself right now. Project Natal has gone down a storm at E3 and the company clearly sees it as the 'next step' in motion control; holding controllers in your hand is so last year, dude.

However, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto isn't so sure and insists that for true immersion you need to have something in your hand.

Speaking in an interview with Wired, the highly respected designer uttered these words:

I don't think I could create an experience that truly feels interactive if you don't have something to hold in your hand, if you don't have something like force feedback that you can feel from the controller.

Clearly he has a point - Project Natal surely cannot be as accurate as the Wii Remote, because Nintendo's option allows you to 'point' at parts of the screen and make precise selections. However, we're not sure it's necessarily as immersive as Project Natal has the potential to be; using your entire body to control a character is surely going to create a stronger connection with the game world than just swinging your arm around.

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