Developer behind the scenes!

We're huge fans of Little King's Story here at NintendoLife, partly because of its phenomenally addictive gameplay but also its bizarre vision of the world and the citizens and enemies that inhabit it. When the game's designer Yoshiro Kimura spoke to N-Sider recently about his inspiration for the game, there was no mention of the obvious reference point - Nintendo's Pikmin - but what Mr Kimura did say actually made far more sense.

"I love to drink, but I also love talking, so I invited [our character designer] to my house one Sunday night to drink," Kimura says, "and we just started talking about what kind of style the game might take. We wanted something stylistically in the vein of Animal Crossing, but not with animals... so we decided on vegetables!"

Looking at some of the character designs, there must have been some particularly heavy drinking going on when King Duvroc, the King who wants to rock'n'roll all night and party every day, was created. Perhaps it was modelled on Mr Kimura himself?

The full interview can be found below and features more interesting titbits, as well as being an eye-opener to Mr Kimura's fondness for crashing toy fire engines into Oniis.