It's up to the publisher, says devs.

With neither game even close to being out yet, High Voltage's Russell Crowe-fest Gladiator A.D. and horror co-op shooter The Grinder look to be two promising Wii-exclusive titles to satiate those looking for a bit of the ol' ultraviolence. Well, exclusive at the moment at least.

Speaking to Destructoid at E3 last week, HVS design director Dave Pellas said that they're keeping their options open regarding a multiplatform release.

“We can do anything. We’ve got some very, very talented guys. And it just takes time. And dedication. We have the dedication. It would just be, "yes, here’s lots of money. Go make this for the PS3." [And we would say] "Thank you publisher, we will.”

The Conduit isn't going to be jumping ship, but there's really nothing keeping these two from flying their HD freak flags. No publisher has picked them up quite yet, so who knows what'll happen.