Blame Totilo for this.

Stephen Totilo, formerly of MTV Multiplayer and now over at Kotaku, is a very busy man. He writes a lot. He co-created "Hogan Knows Best." And now, he's tracking our Wii-playing stats.

Since last September, he's been dutifully snagging the Nintendo Channel play statistics and putting them into convenient chart form to show just how much time and how many sessions people put in per game. Smash Bros. Brawl takes the top spot, with an average of 66:32 hours of play per player. Yikes! Rounding out the top three are Guitar Hero III and Animal Crossing: City Folk. For the full list, check out the link above and note the absence of Wii Fit.

Totilo may be a great game reporter, but I'll never forgive him for his TV ventures.