Double beam katana ftw

Is Grasshopper's No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle a tale about happiness? Cuddling? High-fiving strangers and giving sandwiches to the homeless?

No. It's about revenge, as mentioned in the game's E3 trailer. Repeatedly.

Outside of the teaser trailer from TGS last year, the general public hasn't seen any footage of the game, or any details really for that matter. Hooray E3 then, because not only did an article in Famitsu recently spill some beans on the upcoming title, we now have a new trailer for the game, complete with semi-random luchador hanging around between cuts.

The tone of the trailer is a bit more serious than you'd expect, but the humor of the series still shines through. And yeah, the dual-wielding katana combat looks pretty snazzy, although it doesn't seem like there's much of a difference between slicing people's heads off with just the one beam katana.

Check out the trailer for the game over at IGN and let us know what you think.