Mow down hordes of vamps online

Yesterday, IGN had the exclusive unveiling of High Voltage Software's new IP, the bloody arena-fighter Gladiator A.D. Today, IGN has the scoop yet again on the second of HVS' games slated for an E3 unveil, and it's another looker with high ambitions.

Yeah, E3 is next week, but I think we can forgive whoever oversees the HVS calendar.

Part Monster Hunter, part Left 4 Dead and part House of the Dead: Overkill, The Grinder is an online FPS with an emphasis on co-op. Taking place in a world where vampires, undead and other ghoulies are in fact real and everyone has learned to deal with it, sort of, you play a freelance hunter who takes on missions to exterminate whatever beastie is wreaking havoc and simultaneously discover the reason for the recent monster outbreak.

There are four characters to choose from, each possessing different skills and weapons. You can choose from a Japanese assassin, an underground doctor, a former professional hunter and a, uh, sorority girl. Some light RPG elements are promised, so weapon and character upgrades are definitely in but details beyond that are being held tight to the chest. Motion+ support is strongly hinted at, which would make sense for swordplay seeing as one of the characters is a freakin' Japanese assassin.


Oh, and did we mention that the entire campaign will be playable in online co-op with up to four people? Yeppers! In fact, High Voltage seem to be pulling out all the stops to make an online Wii FPS to compete with the HD folks, feature-wise:

IGN: You supporting WiiSpeak? Leaderboards? Achievements? If there are achievements, can you give us some examples?

Kerry Ganofsky, HVS CEO and founder: Those are three very good ideas. [Smiles] Our goal is to provide gamers with all the bells and whistles that they deserve. We are evaluating a number of options for the game and those three are among them.

High Voltage will be using the Quantum3 engine again, the same one powering The Conduit and Gladiator A.D. It's being pushed hard, even more so than Conduit is, and the amount of on-screen enemies is hinted at exceeding 65 at a time.

The Grinder is eyeing a holiday 2010 release. For more screens and for the full scoop, shoot your way over to IGN.