Running out of ideas, Sony?

Ok, before we start let's get one thing clear - this is piece of news is still trapped in rumour-ville for the time being.

With that out of the way, we can get down to business. We've heard word that Sony is set to reveal details of its own 'motion-sensing' controller for the PS3 at E3 this year.

"But the PS3 already has that" I hear you cry - in the form of the somewhat dubious Sixaxis pad. However, rumour has it that this new controller will be more akin to Nintendo's Wii Remote. According to Variety, a third-party developer has already been briefed by Sony and is preparing to include support for the new device in its upcoming titles.

As with all industry gossip, it's wise to take this with a pinch of salt (remember Microsoft's Wii Remote rip-off that some people were 100% convinced was coming last year?) but we have to admit that the people leaking the info are pretty reliable - Variety is a big force in publishing and they'll end up looking pretty silly if this doesn't come to pass.

Putting that issue aside for a moment, this move would display a terrible lack of originality from Sony - a company that isn't previously known for being all that innovative anyway. To be perfectly honest, we think it's going to take a hell of a lot more than a motion-sensing controller for the PS3 to win over the Wii crowd and claw back some market share - a significant price cut might be a better option - or some decent exclusives that aren't already available on the 360.