Bustin' makes us feel good; delays don't

It has been revealed that Sony has signed a deal with Atari which will allow the company to publish Ghostbusters: The Video Game on its PS3, PS2 and PSP formats.

The release of the PS3 and PS2 versions will tie-in with the Blu-ray 25th anniversary release of the original 1984 movie.

It has also been confirmed that the agreement will involve a period of exclusivity over the other versions currently in development - and that obviously includes the Wii and DS editions.

There's been no solid news on the release date, but VG247 has been told that it's likely to be later in 2009.

While such a move is unlikely to endear Sony to Nintendo fans, it's worth remembering that Ghostbusters is a franchise owned by Columbia Pictures - which, in turn, is owned by Sony.

Talk about protecting your own interests.

EDIT: As several people have reported, Atari has clarified the situation and the Sony deal only affects Europe. Atari will be publishing the game across all formats in North America.

[source vg247.com]