If you've been paying close attention to Swords & Soldiers you should know that the game is one of the few WiiWare titles to feature achievements, for those hardcore players who like to do some extra challenges.

A while back, Ronimo Games announced that if you collected all 25 achievements, a secret code would appear on the achievements list. The first three people that would send this code to Ronimo Games would get a special Swords & Soldiers goodie bag, of which the contents are still a mystery.

The game's been out for over five days now, so logically a few people have already achieved this impressive feat. Ronimo Games has announced that not just the first three, but the first four people will be getting a prize - The third and fourth players submitted their codes so quickly after each other that they thought it would be a bit disappointing not to give the fourth one a goodie bag as well.

Naturally, they have also revealed the winners so that people can praise their amazing gaming skills for generations to come. One of the names seems strangely familiar, who could it be:

  • 1. Henryk Huhn, Germany
  • 2. Jesse Hartog, Netherlands
  • 3. Marcel van Duyn, Netherlands
  • 4. Denis Tessier, France

If you're still a few achievements a way and are sad you didn't make it in time don't be too worried - Every month, Ronimo Games will pick a bunch of random people to get a goodie bag as well. You'll need a bit more luck, but you've still got a chance!

North American players don't have to worry either - Naturally, it would be unfair if you couldn't win a prize just because you get the game later. Once the game is out in North America, the first 3 North American players to submit their code will win a prize as well.

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