Where it all began!

It seems the wait for the Super Nintendo hit Super Mario Kart is almost over. The OFLC ratings board has been updated and includes four new titles we're likely to see made available on Nintendo's download services soon.

Super Mario Kart is easily the one most fans are going to be the most excited about. This Super Nintendo release kicked off a series that has remained one of Nintendo's most popular to date. We've seen Mario Kart releases on just about every Nintendo system since the release of this original. This is one classic Nintendo title that's long overdue. Be sure and check out our retro review of Super Mario Kart if you haven't already.

Another Super Nintendo release that's coming to the Virtual Console is Pilotwings. This unique release was originally a showcase for the Super Nintendo's fancy Mode-7 visual effects and was quite impressive when it first debuted. It's another overdue release for the Virtual Console service.

Nintendo also has two new DSiWare Art Style releases on the ratings service. PiCOpiCT and SOMNIUM are both on the way to the new download service and given how interesting previous Art Style releases have been, we'll definitely be keeping our eyes on these two titles.

Rounding things off is Wii Sports Resort and a WiiWare title called PictureBook: A Pop-Up Adventure. Wii Sports Resort comes as no surprise since we've heard quite a bit of news on the Wii title recently. The real surprise will be if the game is actually released on schedule this time around.

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