Let's hope you won't need this stuff.

Although Suda51's bizarre "Johnny Knoxville with a lightsaber" concept for No More Heroes divided players between those who thought it was divinely inspired, and others who thought it hellishly contrived, it obviously did well enough for developers Grasshopper Manufacture to start work on a sequel, titled No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. Speaking to 1up.com, Suda51 revealed the game is all but finished, and will be unveiled at E3 in June.

1UP: You're working on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle for release early next year. Can you give us an update on the game and the development process?

Suda: It's the very end. If I had to say one word, I'd say it's at the very end of production.

1UP: When will we see more of the game? Will it be playable at E3?

Suda: No, not playable.

1UP: Will it be shown off at E3? Will there be a presentation?

Suda: I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully...

For a game that's "at the very end" of production, you'd expect some playable code to be available in a few weeks, so it's a little worrying to hear Suda state there'll be video footage only. Perhaps they're still battling with the same control and balance issues that made the original such a frustrating game in places.

Anyway, there you have it - look forward to practically finished video footage in just a few short weeks. How will it stack up against its predecessor, and what bizarre gameplay elements can we expect this time? Let us know your thoughts by typing them into our comment box!

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