WiiWare goes back to basics with Bubble Bobble Plus!

This week the US Nintendo Download is playing catch-up with Europe except for a DSiWare app which is new. As a result we have already reviewed these games so you can get stuck right in if you like what you read!

First up on DSiWare today is American Popstar: Road to Celebrity for 800 Nintendo points. This was released under the name of ‘Pop Superstar’ in Europe last Friday just in case there was any confusion. If you are at all familiar with the American Idol TV show you will know exactly what to expect in this ‘sim’ game. It’s just a shame that the Hoff does not feature. If you think this might be your bag then check out our Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity review for more info. Surprisingly we really liked it.

Next up on DSiWare is another app by the name of Photo Clock. It sounds like it does exactly what it says on the tin – you get a clock and the ability to show off your photos according to your preferences. It’s not going to rock your world probably, but for only 2 bucks (200 Nintendo points) it won’t break the bank either. Watch out for Corbie’s review coming up soon if you are in doubt.

Now moving on to WiiWare. This week you are spoilt for choice with both Bubble Bobble Plus! and Adventure Island: The Beginning competing for your attention. As far as retro Wiimakes go, both turned out to be quite good when we reviewed them following the Euro releases. Fans of Bubble Bobble will be thrilled with the 4 player, wi-fi scoreboards and staggering amount of content on offer this WiiWare remake. Make sure you check out our Bubble Bobble Plus! review so you know what the deal is. It only costs 600 Nintendo Points in the US so it’s a real bargain, poor old Euro gamers had to cough up 800 points. Maybe that will make investing in the additional DLC packs more palatable as a result.

The Adventure Island remake might not be to everyone’s taste. Some may not like the graphical style old skool gameplay, but fans of Master Higgins will no doubt get a kick out of this. It’s an enjoyable platform romp that packs a stern challenge unless you are a platformer master like Drake. Be sure to read our Adventure Island: The Beginning review if you are on the fence about downloading this. It costs 800 Nintendo points.

Last but not least on the Virtual Console we have the Sega Genesis version of ClayFighter. If you are unfamiliar with this game think Street Fighter II made out of Clay with a side helping of humour added to the mix and you will get a good idea of what to expect. It certainly had a bit of a following back in the days and even spawned a few sequels, but as our ClayFighter review states the gameplay is pretty mediocre by today’s standards. We recommend you pass on this unless you have your rose-tinted specs firmly in place. ClayFighter costs 800 Nintendo points.

So that’s what’s going on in the crazy world of the Nintendo Download this week for North America. What will you be downloading?

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