Destroy Them All -- Wait, um Go Go Contra!

After last week's focus on the new streaming media channel from Nintendo with no new Japanese WiiWare or VC content, this week we're back to the standard 7 releases.

Most of these are catching up with the NA/EU territories, but there's a couple of new titles in there as well including one that just may interest some of our regular readers...

The three Art Style games get released in one batch (amazing they weren't already out there, but they are inspired by GBA games that were exclusively released in Japan not too long ago) for 600 points each.

The title that has already garnered some attention is Contra Re-Birth for 1000 points. You can expect some first impressions from me before the end of the week on that one!

On the VC front we have the VCA release of Tower of Druaga for 800 points, Sim Earth for the PC Engine CD, also at 800 points and finally a Famicom game from Technos: Downtown Special: Its Kunio's Period Piece, Assemble Everyone! (the sequel to River City Ransom) for the usual 500 points.