Japanese RPG goodness!

We just got some Arc Rise Fantasia screenshots of the upcoming Wii RPG from Marvelous Entertainment. The game is a traditional turn-based RPG that features a three member party that all fight in conjunction with each other and share the same AP gauge during battle. This team battle concept is one of the many unique features being touted by the developers of the game.

Lead development director of Arc Rise Fantasia Hiroyuki Kanemaru previously worked as level designer and script director on the hit Gamecube RPG Tales of Symphonia. He's stated that Arc Rising Fantasia is heavily influenced by many of the old school RPGs like those found on the classic PC Engine console.

You can check out the screenshots of the Japanese version of the game in action below and we'll have screenshots of the US version as soon as they're made available. We'll also have a full review of the game when it's released for the Wii.