Japan's love of Monster Hunter continues

Capcom's Monster Hunter G has given Wii a much-needed kick up the arse in Japan, where the console is currently being outsold by Sony's resurgent PS3.

Sony's machine has been enjoying a rare period of sales supremacy thanks largely to killer titles such as Resident Evil 5, Yakuza 3 and - although it's not actually a video game - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The recent Blu-ray re-release of this film has had a massive impact on the PS3's fortunes in Japan.

Elsewhere, portable gaming still dominates as the DSi and PSP duke it out in a truly titanic struggle.

Here's the hardware sales figures in full:

PSP - 41,187
Nintendo DSi - 37,495
PlayStation 3 - 23,351
Wii - 18,439
Xbox 360 - 7,016
Nintendo DS Lite - 6,374
PlayStation 2 - 4,524

[source kotaku.com]