No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle

In the latest Famitsu, we were given new details on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. How much has it change from the first installment?

Other than told that the game is "nearly finished", news about upcoming Suda 51 game, No More Heroes: Desperate struggle, has been thin. In the latest Famitsu, fans were lucky enough to get scans and info on the new game.

Desperate Struggle takes up three years after the events of No More Heroes. Travis Touchdown, now ranked number fifty-one in the UAA, still lives in his apartment of Santa Destroy, still an otaku and wrestling enthusiast. However, the town of Santa Destroy has been transformed into a tourist hot-spot, and stands drastically different than how it appeared in the first game. We're shown two mysterious events, one revealing Sylvia Christel coming back to Travis and, in turn, bringing the assassination world back to him in another ranked fight. The second even features Travis' only known friend, Bishop, being held up in his video store, at gunpoint, by a gang of thugs. These raise a lot of questions, and these are sure to be answered at E3.

The previously mentioned ranked fight is also shown in the magazine, revealing a new character. Nathan Copeland, a hip-hop fan with a boom box of danger is to be your first out of many fights in the game. Another character, a schoolgirl with a double-beamed sword is featured, however we know nothing of her as of yet.

The gameplay of Desperate Struggle seems to remain the same, with all of your sword and wrestling moves in tact. The only major change in the way you fight is the option to dual-wield beam katanas, giving Travis more destructive power when fighting.

At the end of the article, Famitsu suggests that you should check out their website on this Saturday, the thirtieth Japan time, to check out an all new trailer before it's shown off at E3!

Until E3, be sure to check out the GoNintendo link to see the Famitsu article scans, they're a treat.

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