Dead Space: Light Bulb Heads

At about 80 percent finished, Dead Space: Extraction is getting to the point of no return as far as features and design goes. So what's good? Quite a bit, according to Kotaku, but there's also some not-so-good. Like the HUD.

When you have a developer sitting next to you explaining what the heads-up display means and you still get a bit confused, there's likely a design issue. The game's display needs to be a bit more informative and a bit less confusing.

Well, that's not good, but the original Dead Space also had an unconventional HUD, or lack thereof, which took a little getting used to. What about that glow light then?

The effect adds to the sense of panic already present in most fights in the game, but doesn't make lighting your targets a frustration.

EA has already tried to quell any fears of a wagglefest, and it seems that they are keeping to their word indeed.

You can shake your glow sticks in October and do some new-fashion dismembering. October looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty big month for Wii horror, no?